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Formulário para elaboração preliminar de orçamento

Fill out the form below and receive a preliminary quote for the area you wish to irrigate.

O solicitante é:
2. Data on the area to be irrigated:
Geographic coordinates:
Guidelines for preparing the sketch:

The sketch is a simple sketch of the irrigation system created by the producer, so that Irrigabras can understand the area to be irrigated and begin the process of idealizing the system.

The irrigation system is made up of equipment that involves: water pumping, energy (electric, diesel or solar), a pipeline to supply the water and the area that will be irrigated.

The sketch is the initial step for the project, and should contain the following


1) Location for collecting water (pump).

2) Location of the electrical energy source (if available).

3) Demarcation of the area you want to irrigate.

Example sketch. Click to enlarge.

Tipo de acionamento:
Inserir Croqui (.jpg ou .png)
3. Additional information:
1. Contact details:

Formulário recebido! Em breve entraremos em contato.

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