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Irrigabras Irrigation Systems for Family Farming

Mini pivot

The Minipivô Irrigabras is a towable pivot irrigation system, easy to use and flexible, developed to irrigate small areas where conventional irrigation systems were used.

It manages to combine the advantages of mechanization, low energy consumption, irrigation efficiency and labor savings, factors that were only possible in larger areas.



- Electric powered by a generator incorporated into the equipment.

- Electricity supplied by insulated cable on the ground or underground with sockets next to the hydrants.


- Light and resistant with 9 “V” supports per 53.3 meter long section, providing perfect load distribution to the structure.

- Standard tie rod, a single type for the entire set, made of special high-strength steel.

- Assembly and disassembly of the Irrigabras Minipivô can be carried out in a short time and very easily, due to the standardization of its components. This makes it more efficient to transfer equipment to more distant areas when necessary. The time taken for the operation is estimated between two and three days. .

- 2.8m free space that allows irrigation and fertigation in taller crops.

Tubulação de aço galvanizado

- Diâmetro de 6”.


- Standard module: one to tower, cantilever, without/with 1 or 2 end cannons, irrigated radius of 55 to 95m (0.95 ha to 2.8 ha).

- The Irrigabras Minipivot can have up to 4 flights, reaching an irrigated radius of 255m (20.4 ha).

Main panel and electrical system

- 110 v control circuit.

- Three-phase power circuit at 440 v.

- Control of clockwise and counterclockwise rotation direction.

- Percentimeter to control the rotation speed and the water depth applied.

- Optional electrical system components: auto-reverse.

Optional electrical system components

- Auto-reversal.

- Autostop.

- On/off control of the final cannon.

- Hourmeter.

- Voltmeter.

- Reducers.

- 1 hp gearmotor with 1:41 reduction.

- 1.5 hp gearmotor with 1:26 reduction (optional).

- Freewheel reducers with 1:50 reduction.


- 12.4 x 24".

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